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1st Feb 2022    Amazon


One female Argon healer, one maddening Felys male, sexual attraction, some sass, a dash of dislike, stir well and watch the sparks and hisses fly.

Now add Death and a deadly secret.

Can Tera and Illam stop the fur flying long enough to save a whole species from extinction?





1st March 2022   Amazon

Something is coming…

Bad-tempered, bad-mouthed, tough-as-nails Head Peacekeeper, Desdemona, aka ‘The Demon’, keeps a tight grip on her settlement on the outskirts of the Outlaw Sector.

A rising body count, attacks, escalating outlaw activity, and clashes with the dangerously handsome Daamen trader, Simon, can only culminate in two things…

one hotly intimate, the other so very deadly…



1st April 2022  Amazon


When predator meets predator, they wipe each other out.

 Bounty hunter and ex-space pirate/part mutant. They have unfinished business…a fight to the death.

But first Shaque and Elyse have to work together, going deep into the Outlaw Sector, each with their own agenda, both with one goal – life.

But the consequences will be devastating…




1st May 2022  Amazon


Twice the Heat…one resistant Reeka warrior woman, and one very sensual and determined Argon bodyguard.

Twice the Obsession…a happening from the past that claws into the present.

Twice the Danger…where murder is just one of the goals.





1st June 2022  Amazon


Take one smart-mouthed space smuggler and her crew, stick her in the path of one Daamen trader, add a ruthless slave lord, a group of determined Intergalactic Peace Ship security officers, and watch Hell fly.

It’s going to take everything in Shamon’s power to keep the heart of his smuggler safe.

No one said it was going to be easy.





1st July 2022  Amazon


Revolutions…broken loyalties, betrayal and death.

The Guardians…only they hold the knowledge to take back what has been lost, but they’ve been hunted until only one remains standing.

The Daamen trader…can he capture and keep the heart of the woman who is such a mystery?

Or will the soul of a Guardian be consumed in the final destruction?




1st August 2022  Amazon


Love – is one ever really prepared for all it entails? Marten thinks so!

Heart – the pathway to true love was never meant to be easy. Davan knows all about that.

Soul – finding love is part of it, trust is another, and Cam is intent on his soul mate cresting that last hurdle.





1st September 2022  Amazon


Dark Mysticism dragged the lost Reeka back from death.

The Inner Sanctum of the Outlaw Sector is her new home, the mysterious Fredrico her guide, The Overlord her master, The Darknen her enemy.
Demons and wraiths abound here, dark power and malevolence burn inside her.

Life will never be the same again.




Angela Verdenius copyright 2nd edition 2022