bk 5 in the Heart’s Desire…Soul Destroyed series

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One savage night.  A child kidnapped, hurt in the very worst way.  A wench grown, now a bounty hunter.  She’ll hunt them down one-by-one.

 The bounty hunter pack is closing in on their prey, Sabra can taste the victory.  Until she’s left dying in the snow.

One cold, bloody night. He’s found her again.  A wounded wench, a childhood friend.

It will take all Cam has to save this lass.

 If that’s not bad enough, plans are afoot, something more is happening in the galaxy, something that will touch them all – for evil dwells wherever man walks.  Space pirates and outlaws, vengeance and murder…and something very alien.

*trigger warning child abuse*



copyright Angela Verdenius 2004, 2nd Edition 2020