Fall for You

Welcome to Gully’s Fall, a quaint little town in a farming district in Australia.
Now meet the cop, ambo, firies, inspector and vet, who will all find their perfect matches amidst laughter, friends, loyalty, passion, misbehaving pets and a little mystery!

Meet Kirk, the Cop


scroll down for excerpt              Book 2 of the Gully’s Fall series


FallforYou600900Finding a curvy cutie hanging out of a kitchen window at three
in the morning wasn’t what Kirk expected on a routine check.
Amusing – yes, expected – no, exasperating – definitely.
Having sworn off all dominant men after a very painful experience,
Molly was determined to keep the local cop at arm’s length.
He was quietly, intensely alpha, and that made him off-limits.
Good intentions aside…

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It was three o’clock in the morning and everyone should have been in bed except for the nightshift workers. Certainly no one should have been at Gully’s Fall Boarding House, not at three in the morning.
But there was according to the report that had come into the police station, courtesy of a neighbour seeing a torchlight flashing around before disappearing behind the big old boarding house.
Kirk turned into the driveway of the boarding house, the lights of the patrol car sweeping over the front of the house. Pulling up in front of it, he thumbed the radio on his shoulder. “I’m going in for a look.”
“Roger that,” Phil’s voice replied from the cop station. “I’ll be waiting.”
Swinging out of the cop car, Kirk switched on the torch and held it up to his shoulder. The light from the cop car lit up the front, but the sides and back were dark, who knew what awaited him. The Dawson brothers doing a little B and E maybe, upping their resume to something a little more higher than just drinking and fighting? Kids up to mischief? Unusual in Gully’s Fall where everyone knew everyone, but he’d lived and trained in the city so even though it would have made him wince, seeing as how he knew most of the kids in town, he was prepared for anything.
He wasn’t prepared for the sight that met his eyes when he strode quietly around the back of the house and trained his torch light on a very generous bottom sticking out of the kitchen window, a pair of legs flaying around accompanied by a whole lot of cursing.
“Oh for – damn it all to hell and back! Of all the stinking, useless, unlucky – crap!”
His eyebrows shot up. Okay, he knew he should have called this in to Phil, but he just had to stand there for several seconds taking in the sight.
It was some sight.
Training the torch light on that bottom, he grinned a little. A pair of lilac-coloured slacks on rounded legs and medium-heeled white Mary Janes on a pair of flailing feet. The owner of the slacks, legs and Mary Janes was stuck in the window and not just because her bottom was generous. The window had slipped down and neatly pinned her right in the small of her back, effectively trapping her.
Seeing as his intruder wasn’t going anywhere, Kirk turned his attention to ensuring that no one else was waiting to pounce on him. A quick but careful check around revealed no one else lurking, so he returned to his previous position at the bottom of the veranda, torch light trained on that figure still wriggling and cursing.
As funny as the sight was, it was time to sort out the reason and the intruder’s identity.
Going up the steps, he crossed to the side of the woman and shone the torch light through the window, but the curtains covered the top half of her so he couldn’t see anything else but a wildly waving curtain.
“Going somewhere?” he asked loudly.
The figure froze, silence falling.
“Ma’am, what are you doing?”
“What am I…? What does it look like? I’m stuck!”
“I can see that. That’s not what I’m asking.” He eyed the bottom that started wriggling.
Hmmm, nice arse. He did like a generous handful of arse. Unfortunately, this generous arse was attached to an intruder.
“Who the hell are you?” she demanded.
“Police.” When there was dead silence again, he added, “Officer Morrison.”
“Oh, thank God!”
Kirk’s eyebrows rose again. “Odd thing for an intruder to say.”
“Intruder? Intruder?” The woman’s voice was outraged. “I’m not an intruder!”
“You’re stuck in a window. Intruders generally go through windows or pick locks. Lawful people usually carry keys.”
“Look, Officer, I lost the keys, all right? I tried to get in through the window and now I’m stuck.”
“I see that.” Boy, did he see it. He couldn’t help but grin.
There was a pause, then, “Are you laughing?”
“No, ma’am, I’m not. I don’t laugh much at breaking and entering.”
“I am not breaking and – look, just get me out of here. Please?”
“That was my plan.”
“Well I’m glad you’ve got a plan, Officer,” she said sarcastically. “I admire a man who thinks on his feet.”
Shaking his head, Kirk slid his hand between the woman’s back and the window frame and lifted. The window jolted, whatever had caught it let go, and it slid smoothly upwards. The woman flailed around, cursing, before bracing her hands on the frame and with a sudden lurch disappearing into the kitchen. There was a muffled thump, another curse and then silence.
“Stay right there!” With no intention of losing the intruder, Kirk moved fast, climbing through the window and jumping off the sink to land almost on top of her.
The woman staggered back, slipping on the mat and almost falling.
Instinctively, he grabbed hold of her, his hand curling around her upper arm and jerking her forward. She stumbled and fell into him, knocking him back against the sink, the torch flying from his hand to land on the floor and go out.
Now it was his turn to curse. One, because he felt the full warmth of all those soft curves against him and boy, she smelled good, the scent of strawberries coming from the vicinity of her hair well below his chin, and two because he couldn’t see a damned thing in the dark and if she got free he might actually lose her.
“Don’t move.” His fingers tightened on her upper arm.
“Geez, chill, Morrison. I’m not moving.”
He started forward carefully, his eyes adjusting slowly to the darkness but not enough to find the torch. However, he knew the layout of Julia’s kitchen, he’d been there often enough over the last six years.
“You’re moving,” the woman pointed out.
“That means I’m moving.”
“I’m not letting you go.”
“You just told me not to move.” There was a touch of humour in the light tone.
She might find their situation funny, Kirk not so much. He pulled her along with him and she followed without struggling. Reaching the wall, he slid his hand along it.
The woman was close beside him, something soft and definitely rounded pressing against his arm as they moved. Cripes, was that her breast? If he wasn’t careful he’d get done for sexual assault, if she was inclined to think that way.
His hand slid across the light switch and he flicked it on, light flaring through the kitchen. Blinking as his eyes adjusted, Kirk turned to look down at his intruder.
She stood close to him, very close. And yes indeed, she had a pair of magnificent breasts that were pressed against his chest, thanks to their position facing each other.
Taking her other arm, he firmly shifted her back. The sensation of those breasts might be burning a hole in his shirt front but a felon was not for him.
Damn shame she was a felon.
Frowning at his thoughts, Kirk forced his attention back to her being an intruder. He cast his gaze over her face, trying to see if he recognised her from any mug shots.
Nope, he was sure he’d remember that pretty face anywhere. Big green eyes, pert little nose, apple cheeks, full pink lips and a sweetly curved chin with a decided stubbornness about it. A mass of shiny brown hair shot with gold lights tumbled around her shoulders in disarray. His eyes slid lower. Magnificent breasts pressed against a thin, flower-printed blouse that dipped in at the waist to flare out over generous hips. A pair of lilac slacks. White Mary Jane shoes on her feet.
This did not look like a B and E intruder, but one never knew. Yet his gut feeling said this was all wrong. However there she stood, found by him hanging out of a window of a house definitely not hers. This was one for the books on unexpected happenings.
Even weirder, when his gaze lifted back to her face it was to find her grinning widely at him.
Grabbing his hand, she shook it cheerfully. “Thank you so much for rescuing me.”
Wait. What? His jaw actually dropped.


copyright 2014 Angela Verdenius