Lean on Me

scroll down for excerpt              Book 2 in The Mackay Sisters duet


LEAN ON ME600900Sweet, shy, rubenesque Lori Mackay, she’s lived all her life in the
Small country town. No one knows her secret desires.
Still waters run deep, and local paramedic Matt Winters suspects the
sexy, curvaceous beauty has hidden depths he just aches to explore.
In a town where gossip is rife and secrets abound, can Matt convince
Lori that they’re meant to be together?


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She was standing in the rain. The clouds were dark, the wind starting to pick up, and the rain was pattering down more earnestly. And she was just standing there with an umbrella; head tipped back, one hand outstretched.
In the rain.
Situated at the window of his friend’s second story house, Matt looked across at the woman in the backyard next door. At her feet sat an old cat. He knew the cat was old, because he knew the owner. Wanted to know her a lot more, in fact, which was easier said than done. She wasn’t exactly the outgoing type.
“Lori’s standing in the rain,” he observed, frowning.
Ghost glanced up from where he was trying to stop Abraham, the big tabby, from pawing the spring from the printer. “Damn it. She shouldn’t be.”
“Shouldn’t be,” agreed Matt. “But is.”
“What’s she doing?” Picking Abraham up, Ghost deposited him on the big armchair as he crossed the room.
“Standing in the rain.”
“I know that, genius.” Drawing to a stop beside Matt, Ghost peered through the window. “Oh. I see.”
Matt raised his eyebrows.
“Minx insists on a last walk outside before nightfall,” Ghost explained. “And as usual, Lori spoils her.”
“Because you wouldn’t do that,” Matt said dryly, casting his eyes over the cat toys littering the floor, one of which was a new feather duster that Mort had decided was dangerous and had immediately dragged upstairs, depositing on the floor when he grew bored attacking it.
Ignoring him, Ghost frowned. “Minx is getting a little senile.”
Returning his gaze to the figures in the yard, Matt winced as the rain started to come down harder. “Lori shouldn’t be out there. Nor should Minx.”
“Tell that to Lori.” Ghost stepped back. “Not that she ever listens to me.”
Maybe she wouldn’t listen to Ghost, but there was no way Matt could watch her standing in that hellish rain, umbrella and gumboots or not. Swinging away from the window, he started across the room, only to find Ghost heading the same way.
“Where are you going?” Matt asked.
“To talk to Lori, of course.”
“What’s the point if she never listens to you?”
“It’s never stopped me before.”
They both went down the stairs a whole lot faster than they’d come up.
“I have to go home anyway,” Matt said. “No sense both of us getting wet. I’ll call on Lori.”
“Front door will be locked,” Ghost informed him. “She won’t hear you.”
Matt arched one eyebrow. “So how were you going to get her attention?”
“Jump the back fence, of course.”
“Of course.”
Jumping the back fence in the rain wasn’t exactly tempting, but seeing as how his friend spoke the truth in regards to Lori not being able to hear him above the rain, it looked like jumping the back fence was the only was he was going to gain her attention. If it meant getting wet to move her out of the rain, then it looked like the back fence was his route of departure.
Not his first choice, but still…it was Lori.
Opening the kitchen door, Matt stepped out onto the veranda. The rain was really starting to pour down now. Good grief, surely she wasn’t still standing out in the rain?
Matt glanced at Ghost, who shrugged and said, “She’s a Mackay,” as though that explained everything. Seeing as how he was an old school friend of the Mackay sisters and was, in fact, engaged to the oldest sister, Matt supposed Ghost would know what he was talking about.
“You sure you want to do this?” Ghost glanced towards the fence. “Maybe I should-”
“I’m doing it.” Taking a deep breath, Matt looked out at the rain. Damn, it was going to be cold.
“Yeah, but-”
“She won’t listen to you, but I’m a whole other story.” And with that, Matt strode out into the rain.
Cripes, it was freezing! Bolting for the fence, Matt grabbed the top of it, pulling himself up and over easily to land in the Mackays’ backyard. A quick glance around showed the backyard to now be empty, so without hesitation he dashed for the veranda. The long, wet grass slapped at his jeans, his sneakers disappearing into a couple of wet puddles.
Swearing, he skipped over a couple of steps until he was running on the cement slabs leading from the clothes line to the veranda. Finally he leaped up the several steps to come to a gasping stop in the shelter of the back veranda. Shoving his dripping hair back from his face, he noticed the gumboots neatly sitting side-by-side not far from the raincoat that was hanging from a hook. The open umbrella was lying on the wooden bench to dry.
He looked up to see Lori regarding him in surprise from the back security screen door. “Hi, Lori.”
“What are you doing?” Her gaze slid down him. “You’re soaked.”
“Yep.” There was no doubting that, not when he was dripping huge puddles on her veranda.
Looking past him to the rain now teeming down, she frowned slightly and opened the door. “You’d better come in.”
Best invitation he’d had all day, except… “I’ll make a mess on your floor.”
“Take your sneakers off.”
He looked down at himself. “I’m afraid it’s a bit more than just my sneakers that are wet, love.”
“So take off your shirt and…” Her cheeks coloured.
“Pants?” he finished dryly. He had no doubt she’d go right up in flames of embarrassment if he did that. “Maybe I better just hike over the fence to my side.”
“Um…” She bit her lip.
That luscious lip, so plump and pink. His gaze dropped down to where she worried the tender flesh with small, white teeth. Nibbling on those lips was a huge temptation that he refused to contemplate. Except in his daydreams…his very hot daydreams.
For now.
There was always later, if he could ever get past her shyness and reserve. He just had to go slowly so as not to frighten her off. Taking off his pants to reveal his semi hard boner was not part of the plan.


copyright Angela Verdenius