The Lawson Boys: Marty

Remember the Lawson Boys from Vet’s Desire? The brothers of Cindy Lawson?
One’s a smart-a**e, the other a soldier.
Meet Marty, the smart-a**e.


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MARTY-600900Crashing her cheating boyfriends wedding in a fit of rage was
Not voluptuous Belle Broune’s best plan. Now she’s been
Branded “The Other Woman.” Oh, the shame of it!
Wedding guest Marty Lawson finds it all very funny, but when
Family connections result in him trying to comfort her in his
Usual jovial way, the sparks start to fly. Can he convince this
Luscious woman that he’s serious and not just simply
Amusing himself?

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The wedding was going well. The groom looked dashing, the bride looked beautiful, the proud parents sat and watched fondly as their offspring prepared to enter holy matrimony.

Marty Lawson glanced sideways. Even better, his date looked hot. Dressed in a silk red dress that clung to her slim figure, her bosom on mouth-watering display and just barely grazing the decent mark for a wedding, her elegant feet clad in red silk pumps, her expensive accessories screaming money, Marcia was the epitome of hotness.

Having personally experienced her hotness in bed, Marty grinned to himself. Yep, after this wedding and the wedding dinner, he was going to take this hotness home, unwrap her and indulge in some not-quite deviant sex.

Obviously his gaze must have been getting a little lustful, because the matron sitting on the other side of Marcia leaned forward a fraction to give him a disapproving glare. Marty smiled politely, crossed his legs to hide a growing boner, and returned his attention to the front.

Yep, his old friend was another bachelor biting the dust. Getting the old ball and chain. Tying himself for life to a beautiful woman who apparently worshipped the ground upon which Trevor walked. That it had actually come to this was a surprise. Marty had always thought Trevor would whore his days away until he was buried six feet under, the man had enjoyed his travels across the country and through who knew how many well-known and not-so-well-known beds. But look there, finally a woman had caught him and was making an honest man of him. Who’d have thought it?

Now the minister was asking if anyone had any issues with Trevor attaching himself to Melissa and to speak now or forever hold their peace. The bride and groom smiled at each other as the short silence lingered, the minister smiled benevolently, the proud mothers dabbed their eyes while the proud fathers smiled approvingly, and-

“I have a problem!” Someone declared loudly from the back of the church. “I have a huge freakin’ problem!”

As one, every person in the church turned and gaped at the woman storming down the aisle.

Marty’s eyebrows shot up almost into his hairline as he took in the full-bodied woman striding angrily down the blue carpet. Dressed in a summery dress, the cheerful yellow was at total odds with the green eyes spitting fire, the red in her round cheeks, and the cupid lips that furiously spat out, “You cheating bastard!”

Holy cow! Marty’s fascinated gaze shot back to Trevor. His friend was whiter than his bride-to-be’s wedding gown. Shock was plastered on both his face and Melissa’s, but Trevor’s held a huge amount of guilt as well.

Oops. Looked like Trevor’s sins had found him out, and most spectacularly. Not cool on his part, true, but entertaining nevertheless.

A couple of the men from the groom’s side stood up but none of them moved to intercept the woman.

“Trevor!” Melissa gaped from the woman storming up the aisle to her groom. “What does she mean?”

“I don’t know.” Closing his mouth, he swallowed hard, his desperate gaze flicking from the advancing woman to Melissa.

“You know all right!” The woman shoved aside one of the bridesmaids who’d decided she should try to halt the advance.

The bridesmaid staggered back and was caught by the matron of honour.

Trevor’s mother flapped her hand while holding a handkerchief to her mouth, and his father started forward. “Now listen here-”

By this time the woman was right in Trevor’s face, ignoring the sputtering minister, the bridal party and everyone else. “You lying turd!” she almost screamed.

“Trevor!” Melissa gasped.

“I don’t know who you are-”Trevor began.

“You knew the night you took my clothes off!” The woman shoved one finger against his chest. “You told me I was the only one for you, that you loved me, that-”

“This is ridiculous!” Trevor took a step back onto Melissa’s train, tearing it.

No one noticed as they watched the proceedings unfold with a mixture of horror, morbid fascination, and in the case of a couple of people, amusement. One of those people was Marty.

“Ridiculous?” the woman yelled, prodding Trevor in the chest.

“If you don’t leave right now, I’ll call the police,” Trevor’s father threatened.

“Wait a minute.” Melissa’s father was also standing by this time. “I demand an explanation, Trevor. Who is this woman to you?”

“No-one,” Trevor insisted desperately. “I don’t know her, I-”

“My name is Belle, you moron, as you very well know!” The woman grabbed his tie and yanked him forward until they were almost nose-to-nose, which was a feat considering that she was rather on the short side. “Remember how you screamed it when you took my virginity a week ago?”

Holy cow again. Marty’s mouth dropped open. The church filled with gasps of rapt horror and glee. The gossip mill of high society would be churning within half an hour or less. The editors of the gossip columns would be having orgasms.

Melissa fainted. The bridesmaids fluttered around her, Trevor’s father was taking the mobile phone from his pocket, his mother was helplessly flapping her hands, Melissa’s father was glaring at Trevor, and her mother was glaring at the woman called Belle.

Trevor was saying something quietly to the woman, speaking from between clenched teeth.

“Now then.” The minister made an attempt at being the voice of reason. “I think we should discuss this in private and sort out what is happening.”

Belle and Trevor ignored him. Trevor said something further to Belle and her cheeks went even redder. Then she slapped him. Hard. The crack of her hand against his cheek resounded through the fascinated silence of the church. He actually rocked back on his well-shod heels with the force of it.

Even Marty winced.

“Oh my God,” Marcia whispered in delighted horror.

“Don’t bother to call the cops, I’m leaving.” Turning on her heel, Belle strode down the aisle.

She was breath-taking in her fury, or maybe it was just Marty’s lothario side coming out and taking notice. Her bountiful bosom pressed against the top of her dress, her brown, curly hair bounced against her shoulders with every angry step she took, and her generous hips swayed righteously. Shoulders back, head held high, she was the very embodiment of why a man should never do wrong by a woman. Revenge could be bloody awkward.

Those brilliant green eyes met his briefly, raking across his face before once more focussing forward.

Like everyone else, Marty turned in his seat to watch her progress, admiration filling him as she kept her head high. He found himself holding his breath in anticipation as she stopped and whirled on one heel to face the bridal party.



copyright Angela Verdenius