Vet’s Desire

scroll down for excerpt              Book 3 in the Big Girls Lovin’ trilogy


VET'S DESIRE - 600 X 900Tim Clarke, the handsome and rich playboy vet, doesn’t believe in
happily ever-afters. Women are to date, bed and leave – in that order.
then along comes plus-size party girl Cindy Lawson, with her
devil-may-care attitude, wicked humour and tender heart, and suddenly
Tim’s chosen path, while not very smooth to start with, has become
a whole lot rockier.


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“My,” she said. “A gentleman. Not easy to find nowadays.”
He merely smiled a little. “So, Sassy, what do you do for a living?”
“I manage a clothing shop, Petite Creations.”
“Really? Why do I know that name?”
“I sincerely hope you don’t shop there.” She laughed huskily.
“Never set foot in it, but I do know the name.”
“It’s fairly new to the city, but it’s quite elite.”
That would explain that. No doubt he’d heard someone talk about it. “Really?” Booooring. Faking interest, he smiled.
“Oh yes. A lot of the more influential women shop there.” Warming up to subject, Sassy continued on for several minutes about the creations in her shop. When she finally stopped, Tim’s eyes were almost glazed but he kept that smile on his dial. He was nothing if not polite, even when he was faking it.
“So,” she finished, “Enough about me…”
Thank you, God.
“What do you do, Tim?”
“I’m a vet.”
“Oh. Really?” She studied him for several seconds while he took a mouthful of beer before her eyes widened. “Tim? Tim Clarke the veterinarian? ”
Uh-oh. Had he just hit on a client? His boss would not be happy. “Do I know you in a client capacity?”
Her eyes gleamed. “No, I don’t like animals, all that hair getting on my clothes and things. But I do know your mother.”
“Are you sure?” Jesus, he couldn’t even hit on a woman without the ghost of his cold-hearted mother looming over the whole thing. “She shops at Petite Creations?”
“My mother knows your mother.”
Ah, now he was getting the picture. “When you say you manage Petite Creations…”
“My mother owns it. Or rather, her company. It’s one of a chain of shops that are world-wide.” Leaning back on the seat, Sassy crossed her legs leisurely, but Tim didn’t miss the glow in her eyes.
Gold-digger was written all over her.
Okay then, they were playing on sort-of the same team. He wanted her body, she wanted his money. He’d get her body but she sure as hell wasn’t getting his money – or his phone number. A quick boink her and leave her, that was what he had lined up for the night.
Crossing his own legs, he let his gaze drift down to her cleavage. “Delightful.”
“And to think,” she said brightly, “My parents and I will be attending your mother’s party on Saturday night and we’ll meet you there. But better yet, I have an idea.”
Tim was pretty sure he didn’t want to hear it, the bells were going off in his head like out-of-control ringers.
“How about you pick me up on Saturday night and we can go together?”
And there it was. They’d only known each other for less than twenty minutes and she was eyeing him as though mentally measuring him for the groom’s suit at their wedding. Maybe that’s what the alarm bells were – the ringing in her head transcending time and space to clang inside his.
He shuddered mentally.
Time to nip this in the bud, and fast. “Well, it’s been nice meeting you, Sassy. I’ll have to introduce you to my girlfriend.”
Her smile froze on her face. “I beg your pardon?”
“My girlfriend.”
“You have a girlfriend?”
“Yes, and she’ll be delighted to meet you.”
“A girlfriend here?”
“Yes.” Man, he really was an arse sometimes, Rick was correct. But at least his arse was his own and not in the cold hands of a gold-digging harlot who’d sell her soul for his old family money. “Did I forget to mention her?”
Sassy stared at him for a few seconds and then her eyes narrowed. The woman was on the scent like a bloodhound on a poor fox’s trail. She looked around. “And where is this girlfriend now?”
“Coming. Shortly.” He glanced around as well. “Any second in fact, so I better head back to the bar. Nice meeting you, Sassy.” Tim got up and walked back to the bar with her eyes burning a hole in the back of his shirt.
Rick was chatting to Cindy, and he looked up as Tim took the bar stool beside him. “What happened? Did you luck out?”
“She was mentally measuring me for the wedding suit.”
“Let me guess, she recognised your name.”
“And monetary connections.” Tim nodded to Miranda. “Another beer.”
“So how did you get out of it?”
“Told her I was here with my girlfriend.”
“And she didn’t throw her drink at you?” Rick shook his head. “I’m impressed.”
Cindy, standing silently beside him, didn’t look impressed at all. In fact, those big blue eyes were studying him closely. “You picked up a woman and then dumped her?”
“Gold digger,” he explained. How could she not get it?
“From what I’ve been told, they’re just your type.”
Tim’s brows rose. “Who’s been telling tales? Rick?”
“Maddy,” Rick replied. “And Mike.”
“Mike wouldn’t talk.”
“You’d be surprised what he tells Maddy.”
“No, I wouldn’t. What is it with you and Mike? Get a ring on your woman’s finger and it’s magically through your nose as well.”
Rick grinned.
Cindy placed one hand on her generously curved hip. “That’s disgusting behaviour.”
“Trust me, I can get worse than that.”
“You seem proud of that fact.”
“You seem disapproving.”
“No wonder you haven’t got a woman yet.”
“Oh, I had one all right. For all of ten minutes before she was planning on walking down the aisle with my money.”
“Money isn’t everything.”
“Says you.”
Cindy’s eyes narrowed.
“Whoa.” Rick looked at Tim. “Mate, not cool.”
“It’s all right.” Cindy moved between Rick and Tim’s stools, which placed her really close to Tim. “I can deal with him myself.”
Several things hit Tim straight away – she smelled nice, and she had her dander well and truly up. It made her eyes sparkle.
Or maybe that was just the beer swimming inside his body.
He raised one eyebrow. “You think you can deal with me?”
“Most assuredly.”
“Lady, you don’t know me that well.”
Her eyes narrowed further. Maybe the sparkle was enhanced by the artfully applied eye shadow and eyeliner. That had to be the explanation.
“I might not have known you long, Clarke, but I know your kind.”
“My kind?”
“And I know your reputation.”
“Oh my.” He splayed one hand on his t-shirt, which tellingly had Stud for Hire – Cheap, emblazoned on it. “I’m famous.”
She opened her mouth but before a word could leave it, a voice purred huskily over his shoulder, “Where’s your girlfriend, Tim?”
Shit. It was Sassy. Tim glanced at her over his shoulder to find her looking at him triumphantly. She knew perfectly well he didn’t have a girlfriend here. This could turn messy. He didn’t like messy, and this promised to get messy.
His gaze fell on Cindy, who was watching the woman behind him with amusement in her eyes. Oh yeah, she just had to be happy with this outcome. She –
Oh yeah. Oh yeah!
“Oh, no,” groaned Rick. “Tim-”
In one smooth move, Tim hooked an arm around Cindy’s waist and pulled her between his thighs. Giving her a smacking kiss on her lips, which had partially opened in surprise, he said, “She’s right here!”


copyright 2011 Angela Verdenius