Cop’s Passion

scroll down for excerpt              Book 2 in the Big Girls Lovin’ trilogy


COPSPASSION-600X900Independent, plus-sized nurse Maddy Lovett considered herself pretty
easy-going, until she met the Neanderthal living next door…then the
trouble started.
Hulking cop Mike Carson was old-fashioned in his regard to the ladies,
until he started to have a couple of run-ins with the cutie curvy next
door…then the trouble started.
And then there was the stray kitten…

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Swearing, Maddy glared up at the drop of water coming through the ceiling. The wet patch was spreading and a water drop plopped down into the saucepan she’d placed beneath it.
Chaz meowed from his position on the dressing table, his deep blue eyes watching in fascination as another water drop plopped down into the saucepan.
Maddy glanced at her seal point Siamese cat. “Oh yes, it’s just another exciting moment for you, isn’t it?”
One seal paw stretched out towards the saucepan, but as it was on the foot of the bed and Chaz was on the dressing table, there was a good eight feet reach.
“Don’t overtax yourself,” Maddy said. “Heaven forbid you actually put some effort into it.”
Who the hell could even predict that a rain storm would hit while it was still summer? Okay, it was more like going into autumn, but with the continued heat it felt like summer. Everyone was still running around in summer clothes. She’d personally thought they’d never see rain again, so the storm, even though predicted by the weather channel, was still a surprise.
Unfortunately, it looked like she was going to have to put some effort into repairing the leaking roof. Typically, anything that went wrong always did so at the worse possible time. Looking back up at the ceiling, Maddy listened to the rain pelting down outside. If she didn’t do something soon, the whole damned ceiling was likely to become wet and more damage done.
Swearing to herself, she left the bedroom and went to the kitchen to gaze out at the rain teeming down. Everything was grey outside and wetter than she’d seen in a long time. Parts of Western Australia had been suffering through droughts, so the rains were a welcome sight. They also brought to light the fact that her tin roof had a hole in it, one she was going to have to find and fix.
Going to the door, she stepped out onto the front veranda and glanced around. The other half of the duplex next door had a light glimmering through the curtains in the lounge room window, so the neighbour was obviously home. She hadn’t actually met him yet, but she’d been busy with moving in and besides, she wasn’t one to run around introducing herself to the neighbourhood.
The rain easing up reclaimed her attention and crossing to the edge of the veranda, she looked up at the sky. Yep, the rain was easing off and that meant that as soon as a break came in the storm, she was going up onto the roof to fix the hole before her ceiling was damaged further.
With a shiver, but a resigned determination, Maddy went down the three steps to the paving and walked to the garage, thankful that she’d had the veranda extended to cover that area as well, for it offered protection from both rain and sun. But that’d be a moot point, she thought darkly, if she fell off the damned roof. She’d just have to be careful that she didn’t slip, and thank God it was just rain and no lightening. Yet.
The roller door slid up smoothly and she went in to search out the extension ladder and the water-proof silicone she had put aside for emergencies. Locating the new tube of silicone, she slid it into the gun and cut the tip off the top of the tube. Within minutes she had it capped and she crossed over to the door to peer out at the rain. Drops dripped from the veranda and the water still ran in the gutters overhead, but there was a definite break in the rain. Now was the time to act.
She jammed some rags into her back pocket and then dragged out the ladder. Placing it against the side of the garage, she gripped the silicone gun in one hand while climbing the ladder carefully, and then she swung up onto the roof. The tin was slippery, but she negotiated her way across it carefully, inspecting the roof as she did so. While there was a leak somewhere over the bedroom it was a good idea to check the whole roof while she was up there. The hole could be nearby, or there might even be – heaven forbid – a couple more holes just waiting to let the rain into her ceiling.
Finding one hole, Maddy used a couple of rags to dry it off and then uncapping the gun, she squeezed the silicone liberally into and around the hole. Once satisfied with the job, she stood up carefully and continued her examination of the tin roof. She found another hole just about over her bedroom and repeated the drying and applying of silicone. Satisfied, she remained squatting on the roof and looked around.
The street was quiet, the late afternoon dark grey with the heavy clouds overhead. A lone car drove past, water spraying up from under the tires.
“What the hell?” A deep voice rumbled through the quiet, disturbing Maddy’s contentment, and she glanced down into her front yard…and gaped.
There was a bear of a man standing in her yard glaring up at her out of eyes so pale that they were startlingly clear, even in the gloom. He was so tall that she estimated him to be at least six foot six. The t-shirt he wore emphasized the broad shoulders and big chest, and his jeans were fitted to long legs with thick thighs. The man was huge, and any fool could see that every bit of that was muscle
He was looking damned furious, too. Gripping the silicone gun in one hand, Maddy bit her lip. Those pale eyes were blazing up at her from under lowered, thick, dark brows, and his features were handsome in a tough, rough, ‘don’t-piss-me-off’ kind of way. The dishevelled black hair added to his dangerous demeanour.
The man looked huge and dangerous and furious.
Bloody hell. He was looking up at her with that expression.
A little bewildered, Maddy stood up and glanced behind her in case someone was actually stupid enough to get up on the roof with her, but no, she was alone.
“Lady!” The deep tones barked it out. “Get off that damned roof now!”
“What?” Disbelieving, she stared down at him.
“Get off that damned roof now, before you break your fool neck.”
“I’m not going to break my neck. I-”
“Lady.” That was all he said, ‘lady’, and there was a clear order in his tone.
That pissed Maddy off big time. “Listen, mister, I don’t know where you think you get off telling me what to do, but you can shove it.”
His posture changed. In movements slow and deliberate, his big hands came to rest on lean hips, the motion pushing his jacket back. His gaze was fixed steadily on her. Power, order, and full expectation of her obedience, practically vibrated off him.
Oh yeah, like that was going to work. Folding her arms, she dangled the silicone gun from one hand and eyed him back angrily.
After several seconds passed, he growled, “Lady, don’t make me come up there after you.”


copyright 2011 Angela Verdenius