bk 3 in the Heart’s Desire…Soul Destroyed series

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Once an outlaw.

Now a bodyguard.

Always a Reeka warrior woman.

Betrayed long ago by the one man who should have protected her, Dana trusts no one.  Now a bodyguard, she puts her life at risk to save those who will pay for her sword, laser and protection.

But now Dana’s betrayer is back, and he needs her assistance.  A past forged in blood and honour makes her accept.  Loyalty will bring her to a country split by hate.

A giant Daamen trader.

A heart as big as his body.

A determination to win at all costs.

Garret knows that winning the heart of the acidic-tongued Reeka warrior won’t be easy, but he isn’t going to give up.  If he could just get her to trust him, to take a chance on him…

When he sees her reaction to this new mission, what it’s doing to her emotionally and mentally, there’s no way he’ll let her face it alone.  Love will make him accompany her.  Even into chains….


copyright Angela Verdenius 2003, 2nd Edition 2019