Hope Bay series

Welcome to Hope Bay, a small beach-side town where dreams come true, some souls come to mend, some to start again, and family and friends mean everything.  Be prepared to laugh, cry, and live!


Working at the local GP Practice was a new beginning for RN Emma.  Then along came her new boss, and suddenly her peace of mind – shaky to start with – was thrown into turmoil.  Not only does she find him attractive, but she has a secret – a secret that could have unpleasant consequences.

Why, oh why, did he have to come along now?

Shane was instantly bowled over by the pretty, curvy nurse, and not just because she knocked him off his push bike at their very first meeting.  It’s going to take more than charm to win this woman’s heart, but he’ll do whatever it takes.

He hadn’t planned on using her cat to get to her, but a man’s got to do what a man’s got to do.

But when he discovers her secret, will he believe her…or will any chance at new beginnings and love turn to ashes?

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Copyright Angela Verdenius Nov 2018