The Virgin Sex Queen

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VIRGIN SEX QUEEN 600900Two weeks of lust and laughter…
Sophie Willow – erotic romance writer, experienced, the ultimate
Sex Queen. Unfortunately, it’s all in her head – the experienced
part, that is.
Alan Cooper – this cute cop has discovered her secret, and he
reckons he’s just the man to give her the experience she needs.
Will two weeks be enough, or will it leave them wanting more?

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The small box containing the signed books on the seat was welcome.
It reminded Sophie that she’d finally made it, she was a published
author several times over. A successful, published author. Not
making millions, true, but making a living from it.
The blue and red flashing lights in the rear view mirror weren’t so
welcome. It reminded her that she had rather a lead foot when it came
to speed, though she was sure she hadn’t been going anymore than –
she peeked at the speedometer. Ten kms over the speed limit.
Damn it.
With a sigh, she indicated and pulled over onto the side of the road.
Rolling down the window, she studied the two cops in the police car
That had pulled in behind her. The one driving was built like, well, like
a brick dunny. When he got out of the car, she wondered how the hell
he’d managed to squash himself into it. It was like The Incredible Hulk
in a cop’s uniform, complete with a frown which rather marred the
handsome face. Dangerously handsome, she corrected herself. Rather
yummy, actually,in a dangerous, cold-eyed kind of way.
The cold-eyed cop proceeded to study the back of her car before
squatting down to study the tyres.
Her gaze switched to the other cop who was coming around to the driver’s
side door. Shorter than his partner, though still tall in comparison to herself.
Not as muscular, but then again she wasn’t sure who would be able to match
The Incredible Hulk. Superman, perhaps?
The cop who bent down to peer into her window was no Superman.
Superman didn’t have a boyishly handsome face with dark eyes and a mouth
that, though in a stern line now, had little quirks at each corner in a clear
indication that this cop laughed or smiled a lot. He was the proverbial
cute-boy-from-next-door, complete with a rebellious strand of dark hair that
stuck up out of his carefully combed thick hair to flop down onto his forehead.
Yep, Cute Boy from Next Door.
And oddly familiar.
“’Morning.” His voice was a pleasant baritone.
“Hello.” She smiled up at him.
“Going a bit fast there. Emergency?”
“I see.” He studied her face, a small frown creasing his brow. “Your license,
Oh crap. That request coupled with a frown could mean only one thing.
He was going to book her. With an inward sigh, she reached into her small
handbag and withdrew her purse, flipping it open to withdraw the plastic
square and hand it to him.
Taking it, he straightened.
While she waited, Sophie eyed The Incredible Hulk in the rear view mirror.
He placed one big hand on the side of the car and rocked it easily, his gaze
still on the side tyre before moving around to the front of the car to study
those tyres. A gold wedding band flashed on his left hand and she wondered
who would be brave – or dumb – enough to marry him. He looked like
he ate iron for breakfast.
He’d be a good candidate for a BDSM novel. Oh yeah. Sophie’s hand
itched to get her notepad out and jot down The Incredible Hulk’s
description. She could just imagine him cuffing a woman to the bed,
all dominant and –
The cop beside her window bent down again and she caught the faint
whiff of aftershave, fresh and pleasant. She’d always been a sucker
for a nice aftershave. A nice man, in fact. Unfortunately, it was a sad
fact that not many men she’d come across were a sucker for her.
Pushing that unpleasant thought aside, she peered up at Cute Boy.
“Sophie Willow?” He looked from the license photo to her.
“Willow in name, not in build,” she joked, only to inwardly groan when
Cute Boy’s eyebrows rose, his gaze drifting over her.
Why the hell had she said that? Why why why? She did an invisible
palm to forehead thunking, all the while managing to smile up at him.
She knew exactly what he was seeing. It was what she saw every day
when she looked in the mirror. A busty woman with big hips and an
arse only a hippo could love. Ye gods!
Cute Boy’s eyes swept back up her body to lock onto her gaze, a definite
twinkle in his dark eyes. “I’ll be back in a minute.”
As soon as he was out of sight, Sophie dropped her forehead to the
steering wheel and groaned. How embarrassing! “I was never going
to do that again! Not ever. That was the promise I made to myself, not
to do that, and I went and did it! When will I ever learn? When
when when?” Each ‘when’ was accompanied by the thunk of her
forehead on the steering wheel.
“Uh – Ma’am?”
She froze.
“Are you all right?”
No. If she had a gun right now, she’d shoot herself.
“Maybe you’d better step out of the car.”
The door opened and out of the corner of her eye she saw the navy pants
and black boots of the cop.
Cops. Under the door she could glimpse another pair of boots, much
bigger boots. The Incredible Hulk’s boots, in fact.
Could she be any more embarrassed?
“Ma’am? Ms Willow?” Cute Boy’s voice was almost in her ear.
Cheeks flaming, she straightened up in the seat and turned to look out at
the cops. Cute Boy’s eyebrows were raised in polite, yet wary, query, and
The Incredible Hulk’s cold eyes were drilling holes into her forehead.
“Just remembering something I had to do,” Sophie said weakly, unclipping
the seatbelt and swinging out of the car.
“Just come around to the other side of the car so you don’t get hit by
traffic.” Cute Boy indicated to the road, where drivers unashamedly ogled
the criminal being dragged out of her car by two cops.
Imagination overload, Sophie. Taking a deep breath, she did as instructed.
The Incredible Hulk transferred his all-seeing eyes from her to the car. “Just
going to do a quick look around inside, Ms Willow. Is that all
right?” His voice rumbled like a diesel engine. “Anything sharp in here I
might stick myself with?”
Great. They thought she was drugged or something. “No.”
“And we’ll do a breathalyser.”
And drunk. No wonder, with her talking to herself and trying to bash
her brains out on the steering wheel.
“Okay,” she said, a little dispiritedly. Why not? All they’d find would
be her….oh crap on a stick.
Her books. Her erotic romances. The books with her name on them as
the author. Not that she was ashamed of them, but having two male cops
looking at those racy covers and suggestive titles…
Could her day get any worse?
Cute Boy was sitting in the cop car holding her driver’s license, his gaze
on her as he spoke to someone on the radio.
Her little car dipped as The Incredible Hulk leaned into it and started
searching. The only things he’d find in there would be her suitcase,
laptop, her box of sexy books, a small handbag, a half drunk bottle of
Diet Coke and a bag of mints.
Holding a breathalyser in his hand, Cute Boy strode around to stand
before her. “Now if you could just blow until I say stop.”
If this was one of her books she’d have a dirty comeback for that blow order,
but this was reality, so she filed the reference away for future writing
and obeyed.
Cute Boy read the result. “Very good.”
Thank you, master. She couldn’t help but keep slipping back into her
little world of erotic romances, always looking for something new,
something old to tweak, and definitely something in blue.
Like a cop. Sexy cops in uniform. How hot was that? Maybe she could
incorporate this little encounter into her latest novel and-
“Ms Willow? Sophie?”
Blinking, she focussed on the cop. “Yes?”
Frowning, he studied her eyes. “Are you all right? You seem a little
“Of course.” Distraction was common for her when in the midst of
plotting new sexy scenes with cute cops and hard-eyed cops and –
damn it, she wanted her notebook to jot down her thoughts! As soon
as The Incredible Hulk and Cute Boy hit the road, she was going into
a jotting frenzy.
Cute Boy scrutinized her eyes before obviously finally being satisfied that
her pupils were the correct size and not pin-pointed with opioids. “Just
wait here, Ma’am, and we’ll soon be finished. I doubt you’re carrying
anything illegal.”
“How would you know that?” she asked, genuinely curious.
His grin flashed right across his face, making his eyes twinkle
in a really familiar fashion. “Instinct.”
“Really?” She studied him closer. Did she know him? Surely not. The
world was populated with many cute men, even a little sexy like Cute Boy.
No doubt he’d made many a girl’s heart beat double time, what with the
combination of cute looks, twinkling eyes, that rebellious wisp of hair that
curled onto his forehead, and a knowing grin.
Knowing grin?
Copyright 2013 Angela Verdenius