Gully’s Fall series

Welcome to Gully’s Fall, a quaint little town in a farming district in Australia.
Now meet the cop, ambo, firies, inspector and vet, who will all find their perfect matches amidst laughter, friends, loyalty, passion, misbehaving pets and a little mystery!


Burn for You – bk 1

One horrendous encounter with bikies left Ash shattered. Arriving
in Gully’s Fall in search of a new life, she didn’t count on falling
for the hunky, motorbike-riding fireman who rescued her when her
car broke down.

Scott’s drawn to the rubenesque beauty, his desire
for her steadily growing to an erotic burn. Can he discover the cause
of her wariness and convince her to give him a chance?

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Fall for You – bk 2

Finding a curvy cutie hanging out of a kitchen window at three
in the morning wasn’t what Kirk expected on a routine check.
Amusing – yes, expected – no, exasperating – definitely.

Having sworn off all dominant men after a very painful experience,
Molly was determined to keep the local cop at arm’s length.
He was quietly, intensely alpha, and that made him off-limits.
Good intentions aside…

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Lie to Me – bk 3

Ryder and Dee have been striking sparks off each other for years.
They’ve blown hot and cold, argued, laughed, and clashed. Half
the townsfolk wonder if they’ll kill each other, the other half if it
will turn to romance.

No woman was ever going to pin bad boy Ryder down, but something
is happening, something that will make him look at the curvy blonde
with new eyes…but will it be too late?

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Fly with Me – bk 4

When the local fire fighter of a small town falls out of a tree to
land at her feet, Elissa didn’t expect it to be the same sweet man
who’d sat with her while she cried on his hotel balcony.

Simon had never forgotten the woman who had fled into the
rainy city night, now here she was for a wedding. Hurt and
betrayed, she’s looking for a new life. Can he convince her to make
him a part of it?

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You’re the One – bk 5

Something bad is happening around Gully’s Fall, and
RSPCA Inspector Moz Baylon is concerned about Del,
the fiercely independent clothes shop owner. She’s
seeing more than is safe for her. One concerned
warning, however, leads unexpectedly to a whole new
level of awareness between them.
Between two people, one spark can lead to a fire.
When darkness falls, seeing too much can lead to danger.

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Second Chance – bk 6

The terror of his year 4 school days was in town, and his
knee-jerk reaction had not made a good impression. Drawn
to this spirited rubenesque beauty, can Grant convince her to
give him another chance?

After a less than warm welcome, Tam is suspicious of the
handsome vet’s motives. Already burned twice, she isn’t ready
for another round.
Then there’s Gully’s Fall’s own mystery…the Stealth Thief…

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copyright Angela Verdenius