Blast from the Past

New Cover and re-edited! 

*please be aware that this has been published before*

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When a five thousand year old woman is discovered in hibernation,
no one, especially the cool, calm and collected Captain Alsandair Amirov,
had any idea the trouble she was going to bring once she was revived.
Emotional turmoil, a womanizing treasure hunter, the rising of a predator
and, oh yes, trouble in the form of a reptilian race out to kill her…
This blast from the past was going to impact…big time.


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Narc Section Five
Deep Space

The LSP lay in state on the examination table in the medical unit. The Professor looked glumly at it. This, his prize find, an academic find, was not for him. He wasn’t going to be the one to pry open the lid and bring the life form back to breathing, talking, living life.
Damn it.
No, the one stopping him from claiming the prize of the century, the prize that would bring him galaxy acclaim, was standing opposite him. The man’s steely-eyed gaze was cool and emotionless as he watched his soldiers position the trolley beside the table and attach the Gravity Alteration Disc to the top of the heavy metal lid of the closed LSP.
“You have no idea of what a find such as this means to the academic world,” the professor protested once more, his white beard bristling indignantly. “The Universal Technology Anthropologic College has long been researching the legend of this LSP. To finally discover it and then have the Narc Military take it from us is unforgivable!”
Captain Amirov didn’t bat an eyelid. Not one muscle of his hard face shifted. He simply continued to watch as the LSP lifted from the table and with the guidance of two of his soldiers was pushed over to the trolley. Two soldiers positioned themselves at the front of the trolley, two behind it. Armed guards, their lasers held across their chests in readiness, led the way down the corridor, the trolley holding the LSP floating along behind them, guided by the soldiers at its head and foot. More armed soldiers brought up the rear.
The Professor watched his acclaim to fame disappear down the corridor, the imposing figure of Captain Amirov marching along behind it.
The biggest find of the century had just left his loving – if slightly obsessive – hands to fall right into those of the Narc Military.
The professor felt like bloody crying.
Cujo didn’t feel like crying. Observing from the safety of his spaceship in his hidden position behind the space satellite, he rubbed his chin as he watched the space tunnel withdraw back into the battle cruiser.
“Well, well, well.” His eyes gleamed. “This treasure must be very valuable for the Military to want it. And what’s that I notice?”
“What’s that you notice?” Squiggy, his off-sider and best friend, blinked all three of his eyes.
“The good Captain Amirov. I do believe that is his battle cruiser.”
“Oh, even better.” Squiggy sighed.
“This just gets more curious every second.” Cujo rubbed his hands gleefully. “I do believe it’s time to pay a little visit to our good friend Metlar.”
“Oh, even better yet.”
“Come now, my good friend. We’re not doing anything at the moment. I’m sure,” Cujo’s eyes gleamed, “we can find something worthwhile to do.”
“Such as take on the Narc Military?”
“Can you think of anything more fun to do?”
“Give me five seconds. Ahhhh…yes.”
“You have no sense of adventure.”
“No,” Squiggly agreed. “I have a sense of self-preservation.”
Laughing, Cujo keyed in the needed co-ordinates.
Narc Military Research Space Station
Narc Section Five
Deep Space

Molly noticed three things at once.
One – she was lying on her back in a tank of purple fluid.
Two – she was underwater with no breathing apparatus.
Three – there was someone above her leaning over the tank.
Choking and coughing, she frantically reached up, grabbed a handful of clothes and heaved herself upwards. Fluid sloshed everywhere, the sound of roaring in her ears was damned loud, and someone was trying to break her hold on their clothes.
Not in this lifetime. Someone was trying to drown her and she wasn’t going down without a fight. If she had to take the bastard with her, she would.
Strong fingers wrapped around her wrist, orders were barked out in a language she didn’t understand, and she panicked even more.
“You bastards!” she croaked, spitting out fluid and thrashing around.
One leg over the edge of the tank, she scrabbled frantically with her other hand for leverage and heaved again.
A hand came towards her face, she bit it, heard a pained yell, swore and hit out at yet another hand reaching for her.
The thwack that sounded along with a surprised cry gave her a measure of satisfaction, but not near enough. Molly wasn’t going to be satisfied until she was on her feet and running. Fast.
Now she suspected who was after her. That bloody double-crossing idiot, Wally, had promised her nothing would go wrong. Well, drowning went a fair way towards being wrong. Bloody wrong.
“I’ll kill you!” she bellowed, managing to get her other leg over the edge of the tank. Purple fluid blurred her vision but she could see well enough to make out the idiot, or one of his equally idiot friends, coming for her.
Hands tried to hold her down but she was a desperate woman.
“I’ll kick your nuts in, Wally!” she roared, spitting fluid.
A particularly strong hand grabbed her shoulders just as she slammed one foot into the stomach of one of Wally’s friends, and she used the momentum to twist and throw herself over the side of the tank.
A harsh curse sounded, her fingers grappled with the rough material of a jacket of some kind, her cheek hit an equally hard object, and then she was falling. Luckily the lunkhead trying to grab her was under her otherwise her fall wouldn’t have been cushioned quite so well. As it was, he was rather solid. When she found out who it was, she was going to knock his brains out.
“Everyone stay back!” The harsh command came from the man beneath her at the same time he caught her wrists and forced them behind her back into the grip of one big hand, using the pressure to effectively pin her to him.
There was no way weedy Wally would have had the strength to hold her so easily. Whoever this man was, he had a very hard, strong body. What was he, a bodybuilder? A bodyguard? Because sure as hell, Wally was going to need either one.
Fine bloody mess this was now. Molly blinked furiously, trying to clear her vision, coughed again and swore. “I’m gonna kick you in the nuts and rip off your dick, you hear me, Wally? Wally! You imbecile! Make this Neanderthal let me go! Now!”
“Stop your screeching,” the man below her ordered in a deep voice.
“Don’t you-”
“Screw you, buddy!” she yelled. “And come to think of it, when I’ve finished with you, you won’t be able to screw anything! You’ll be lucky to be able to screw a light bulb into it’s socket much less screw another sheila or even a bloke, for that matter! You hear me? You-”
A big palm clamped over her mouth, cutting off her words.
“Be quiet!” he barked out. “Sergeant, Corporal, get hold of this female and get her off me. Hold her tight. Cali, get her a gown and a towel.”
Next thing Molly knew, hands clamped on her upper arms and hauled her up, leaving her suddenly cold without that warm, hard body against her. A towel was thrust into her hands and she rubbed her face with it, trying to shrug off the hands clamped on her upper arms, but the holds of the men didn’t loosen.
She rubbed her eyes, blinking the purple fluid from them. “If you think-”
“Once you put on your gown and be quiet, things will be explained to you,” the same hard voice said with more than a touch of impatience.
“Listen, dickhead-” A sudden thought occurred to Molly, and she froze. She felt cold. Gown? Put a gown on? Uh-oh. Oh, shit. “Oh shit.”
“Here’s a towel, Captain.”
Molly looked down, managing to get a blurry vision of a bikini on her otherwise naked body. Relief swept through her. At least Wally and his weirdo cohorts had left her decent in a bathing suit. “Wally-”
“No person called Wally is here,” a new voice, this time female, stated. “All will be explained as the Captain told you.”
“Captain?” Starting to calm down, Molly gave her eyes another rub. The damned fluid was so sticky. “Oh, wait.” She blinked at the still-blurry figures around her. They looked to be wearing uniforms. “Now I know. You’re the police and someone dobbed us in. Well, I’m really grateful. I mean, I needed the money, that’s the only reason I agreed to that cockamamie idea of Wally’s. But I didn’t think I was going to nearly drown! He assured me he’d give me some underwater apparatus to breathe with-”
“Just clean up and then we’ll talk.” The female voice sounded warmer. “I’m Dr Surnace. You have a lot of catching up to do.”
“Don’t tell me that idiot actually managed to put me out for awhile.” Wiping the last of the sticky goop from her eyes, she blinked and looked around. In front of her stood a woman in a white one-piece, skin-tight suit that covered her from neck to booted ankles to wrists. The suit showed her elegant body off to perfection. The two men holding her by the arms wore black jackets and loose long pants. “Wow. Weird uniforms. What kind of cops are you?”
“We are not law enforcers, but Narc Military.”
The deep voice to the side made her look around. Whoa. The man standing to the side imperiously holding out a towel to another white-suited woman was enough to make Molly feel a shiver of both apprehension and attraction.
“This is Captain Amirov,” Dr Surnace stated. “He was in charge of retrieving you.”
Captain Amirov was huge. In fact, he was built like the proverbial brick dunny. Shoulders like a bear, a chest so wide it made Molly want to take a tape measure to it to ensure it was real, a stomach so flat a coin could bounce off it, and legs like tree trunks – long, muscled, and screaming with power. His jacket held smudges of dampness.
His face was hard, the angles unforgiving, his eyes a steely grey, his hair blonde and cut military short. It was also damp and shaded purple at the front. Oops. Now Molly knew onto whom she’d fallen.
Captain Amirov could be summed up in several words – hard, strong, and immovable. And a little scary.


copyright 2010 Angela Verdenius