Big Girls Lovin’ trilogy

Doctor’s Delight – bk 1

What does a shy, 35 yr old, plus-size virgin of when she decides
to lose her virginity and experience just one night of being desirable?
she lets herself get talked into hiring a male escort. Unfortunately,
mistaken identity lands her in the bed of a hunky doctor, and now
things are spiralling out of control!


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Cop’s Passion – bk 2

Independent, plus-sized nurse Maddy Lovett considered herself pretty
easy-going, until she met the Neanderthal living next door…then the
trouble started.
Hulking cop Mike Carson was old-fashioned in his regard to the ladies,
until he started to have a couple of run-ins with the cutie curvy next
door…then the trouble started.
And then there was the stray kitten…


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Vet’s Desire – bk 3

Tim Clarke, the handsome and rich playboy vet, doesn’t believe in
happily ever-afters. Women are to date, bed and leave – in that order.
then along comes plus-size party girl Cindy Lawson, with her
devil-may-care attitude, wicked humour and tender heart, and suddenly
Tim’s chosen path, while not very smooth to start with, has become
a whole lot rockier.


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copyright 2011 Angela Verdenius