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Reflective & Humour photo book

Ambling through life, lots of little things occur to me. I admit that while some awe even me, some make my Mum’s jaw drop – hence I haven’t included those thoughts in this volume, because it’s supposed to be…well, a nice book.

Here I share my nicer musings and photos taken from everything around me – our garden, various beloved kittes both past and present, and from my walks around the streets.

Here’s hoping they bring a smile to your face and a new appreciation for the things that are around us everyday and everywhere.

If only we take the time to look.”



  Contemporary Romance BBW


Heartwarming, friends, family, loyalty and humour – along with a kitty or two in every book and a dog here and there!








Sci-Fi Romance

In a universe bloody and dangerous, women from all backgrounds roam – soldiers, peacekeepers, warriors, outlaws, smugglers all.

In a universe filled with treachery and loyalty, peace and war, the men who discover their one true love will do what it takes to be by their side.

In a universe populated by space spirates, outlaws, mercenaries, soldiers, peacekeepers, witches and the dangerous unknown, can love win at all?





It seems the sci-fi romance readers are mostly found at KDPSelect , so all the Heart’s Desire Soul Destroyed sci-fi romances in ebook are at Amazon only.  They are available in print (Amazon and Lulu) and kindle (Amazon).

All the contemporary romances are available in ebook at iBooks, Barnes & Noble, Kobo and Smashwords as well as Amazon, with print available at Amazon and/or Lulu.



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