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Update 17th Jan 2018

1.No, you are not imagining things – I have updated the complete website, so hopefully it’s more stream-lined for you.  Any problems with the links, contact me and I’ll fix them asap.

2. The Sci-fi romance Heart & Soul series is currently under revision and not available at this time, but check back!  I’m anticipating re-release early in the new year (2018) with new covers & revised text.

3. The Goodbye Girl has a new cover.  It has just been uploaded to Amazon and Smashwords, so it will take a day to a week to be up at all the usual places – Lulu, iBooks, Kobo, B&N and Amazon.  The new cover is available at Smashwords already.

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‘Blue’ – Aussie slang for a fight/ an argument, as in “they’re having a blue”


Christmas – peace and goodwill to all.

At least, it was supposed to be.  But all good intentions and plans can go awry, as Flynn found out.

Can she save Christmas?  Can she survive her family?  Can Ben save her?  Can her sanity remain intact?  Will true love be hers?

Or will the blues happening at Flynn’s end it all?

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Home on leave, Blue didn’t expect his first meeting with his curvy housemate to happen in quite the way it did – on his back, bare-arsed naked, with just a towel to conceal his modesty.  But it did, he has, and now this down-on-his-love-luck Aussie soldier has a mission he didn’t expect.  Will he recognise it, pursue it, and win it?

Or will his chance at true love pass him by?


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New Cover for The Goodbye Girl




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