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Update 15th Jan 2017  – Happy New Year!


1.  Current Releases:  The Wells Brothers: Aaron – book 2 in The Wells Brothers series – scroll down for cover, buying links & blurb

2.  Heart & Soul Science Fiction Romance Box Set bks 1 – 4 is now FREE for a short time at Smashwords,, Kobo, iBooks and Barnes & Noble.  Scroll down for the covers and links.

You are seeing correctly – yes, I am now plotting Ryan’s story!  I was following my usual pattern of writing a series in order, so of course, Blue’s story should have been next.  But did this happen?  No.  And you know why?  Because Blue just kind of murmured in the background, while Ryan kept pestering me, looking over my shoulder, interfering in my plotting thoughts, basically speaking up whereas Blue just kept quiet.  So, after an internal struggle and lots of whining to people, I have decided to go with the flow and stop fighting the character who is poking and prodding me so insistently.  Breaking my pattern to write Ryan’s book BEFORE I write Blue’s.  It’s not all bad – Ryan works for Aaron, after all, so it’s not as though no one knows him (in fact, there have been many people wanting his story first LOL).  So yes, plotting Ryan’s story now.  All I can say                                                                                            is that he better be grateful and do what he’s told!


Being a whistleblower takes guts.  It can also leave you scarred.

Whistleblower Shea Winters bore the consequences of an act of honesty, now she makes a living running a scam with her brother’s help.

Security expert Aaron Wells investigated her, is intrigued by her, and can’t deny the attraction he feels for the pretty scammer.

But being a whistleblower can also have dangerous consequences.

Very dangerous…

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