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Update 13th June 2017


(1) Echoes was released on 25th April 2017

(2) Still writing Blue’s story.  After a start that didn’t go well, I deleted the prologue and first chapter and started again!  Near on killed me to do the old delete button, but when a story isn’t working, it isn’t working!  Now it’s flowing really well – though Blue isn’t making it easy for me (as usual).  Will there ever come a time a story just rolls right out the brain box and into the manuscript with no trouble?!  Dreamland!!  LOL

Echoes is available now in ebook and print!   Buying links are below, plus you can check out the excerpt by clicking here

“Ella mine…”

Years ago he’d loved her, then one traumatic event made him walk away to forge ahead in a dangerous career that had him skimming the edge of being a killer.  Now working for an elite security company, he’s never forgotten her, the echoes of Ella buried deep in his heart and memories, locked safely away.

Seeking revenge on those who’d betrayed her, the last thing Ella expected was to come face-to-face with the man who’d shattered her heart. But here Ryan was, determined to be her protector, and equally determined to once again be a part of her life…and her lover.  But the echoes he’d left behind were both sweet and soul destroying.

Playing a dangerous game, getting information from a friend delving into the Dark Web, being an anonymous AFP informer to bring down an underage sex ring, she had no idea just how much everything was going to change.

For good or bad, the rules are altering, and every echo is becoming reality.

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